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Advancing research methodologies of learning with digital technologies

20 Jun 2017

Advancing research methodologies of learning with digital technologies

Keith Turvey

Education Research Centre, School of Education, University of Brighton, UK

Tuesday, 20th June 2017 at 11:00 am

The British University in Dubai Auditorium

[email protected]



Capturing and understanding the impact of digital technologies in and on learning is inherently problematic. It is exacerbated by the continually developing nature of digital technologies and their crossing of boundaries between formal and informal contexts (Voogt and Knezek, 2008; Cox, 2013; Turvey and Pachler, 2016). It is necessary to frame any discussion of impact and methods of capturing it, in a way that enables us to learn from critical debate surrounding particular methodologies and what they do, or do not, afford. Else, we risk being confined by our methodological paradigms and learn little about the issues of digital technologies in education or how to research them.

Indeed, despite decades of research into digital technologies in education, the methodologies adopted have not offered an adequate account of how digital technologies impact on learning, or how teachers’ pedagogical practice might secure future contingencies for learning.

In this lecture, I present the arguments for new methodological design principles in the search for a greater understanding of the impact of digital technologies on learning; that is, an understanding that complements but also recognises the limitations of the quantitative turn seen globally with the proliferation of large datasets or quantitative meta analyses of education interventions (Hattie, 2009; Higgins et al, 2012; UNESCO, 2014; OECD, 2015).


Keith Turvey BA (Hons) MA PhD, is Principal Lecturer in Education. After a long career in primary education, Keith joined the University of Brighton in 2003. He has since developed both his teaching and research career in higher education, publishing widely in the fields of computing and educational technologies, and teachers’ professional learning. Keith is particularly interested in teachers’ professional learning with and through digital technologies publishing Narrative Ecologies: Teachers as Pedagogical Toolmakers (Routledge) in 2013.


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