BUiD’s Student Wins the Kondo Research Prize

Monday, March 6, 2017

Meera Al-Reyaysa, PhD Project Management student at BUiD won the” Kondo Research Prize: People and Organizational Culture Perspective” from Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University on her Master’s dissertation “CSR in a Professional Services Firm”. The Awards ceremony took place on Monday 6 march 2017 at the Address Hotel, Dubai Marina.

Meera’s research investigates CSR in the Middle East and MENA countries. The types of CSR initiatives and activities adopted are examined; in particular, the selected CSR initiative for this research “blood donation”. The dissertation examines a case study of PSF Middle-East and the blood donation initiative it has taken on. The research focuses on how PSF Middle-East currently implements activities related to this initiative and how it can be further developed or improved

For more details about Meera’s research: http://bspace.buid.ac.ae/handle/1234/283


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