BUiD chooses ‘carrots over stick’ approach to encourage its Masters and Doctoral students to publish their research

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The British University in Dubai’s Vice-Chancellor Prof Abdullah Alshamsi announced on 10th May at the 3rd BUiD Doctoral Research Conference 2017 that the University will support its Masters and Doctoral students with funds if they wish to publish their research in top Q1, Q2 and Q3 rated Journals. The fund will cover the cost of registration and travel cost if they wish to present their research at conferences globally and regionally. The authors of papers for Q1 rated Journals will be funded to travel internationally to publish their research whereas those whose paper is published in Q2 rated Journals can travel regionally and for the Q3 rated journal authors, the registration for conferences in the UAE will be funded by the University. The British University in Dubai is the region’s first research-based University with focus on knowledge creation in the UAE and is happy to allocate funds to incentivize its students to publish in top tier journals.

Currently BUiD is one of the only Universities with more than thousand Masters and Doctoral Dissertations available in its library. Though some of the students have gone on to publish their research in leading Journals and Conferences locally and internationally and have won awards for best papers and best research, the University wants to encourage more and more of its graduates to publish their work.

By publishing their work the students and graduates will not only gain the confidence in their findings but will also get an opportunity to be part of the scientific community, where they can discuss and share their concept and get reviews from the scientific community globally. The number of papers published will also add value to the Graduates resume allowing them an opportunity to enter jobs that require more strategic inputs to the organizations and allow them to advice on policy and procedures within the organisations they work with.



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