CEA - Certified Energy Auditor

The Mark of an Energy Professional

Based on the growing demand for qualified professionals, the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) and Certified Energy Auditor in Training (CEAIT) certifications were developed and added to the broad portfolio of professional certifications offered by the Association of Energy Engineers. Rising energy costs and inefficiency in plants and buildings is continually driving the need for trained and experienced energy auditors. The CEA certification is one that identifies professionals as having the required knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the growing field of energy auditing.

From 14 March 2016, ESCO Accreditation by the Dubai Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau is mandatory for ESCOs wishing to participate in Etihad ESCO tenders. This is subject to a 6 month compliance period to allow ESCOs to seek accreditation. After 14 September 2016, non-accredited ESCOs will not be accepted to participate in Etihad ESCO tenders.




Effective 22 November 2015, all applicants for Energy Auditor Accreditation will be required to possess the qualification of either AEE Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM), ASHRAE Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP) or equivalent. The qualification of AEE Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), albeit recommended to possess, will not be sufficient to accredit Energy Auditors.




The prerequisites to qualify for the certification process have been designed to take into account the possible diversity of education and practical experience an individual may have. Candidates are required to verify completion of a minimum of 2 hours of Safety Training within the last three years and participation in five commercial audits within the last three years.  Two of the audits are a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft.  Also, the audits have been of at least two different building types. Also, each CEA candidate must meet one of the following criteria:



Work Experience

A four-year degree in engineering or architecture
Professional Engineer or Registered Architect
active CEM®


At least 3 years of experience in energy auditing and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments

A four-year non-engineering degree


At least 4 years of experience in energy auditing and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments

A two-year technical degree


At least 5 years of experience in energy auditing and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments



Ten years or more verified experience in energy auditing and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments


Energy Auditor in Training (CEAIT) Eligibility Requirements

If you don't yet meet the education or experience eligibility requirements for the CEA, you may be interested in pursuing our Energy Auditor in Training certification.


Examination and Training Requirement

All CEA candidates must attend one of AEE's preparatory CEA training seminars conducted by BUID and pass in a four-hour period a written open-book exam, which proctored by BUID.

All CEA candidates taking the exam must answer 100 questions from all 10 sections of the CEA Body of Knowledge.


CEA Examination: Maximum Score 1000 points Minimum Score Required 700


The CEA Examination contains the following mandatory subjects:

Body of Knowledge

Developing an Audit Strategy & Plan

Utility Analysis, Renewable Opportunities

Data Collection & Economic Analysis

Lighting Systems

HVAC & Heating Systems

Motors, Drives & Compressed Air

Ventilation Systems

Domestic Hot Water Systems

Building Envelope

Water Conservations


How to Apply for CEA Certification

Your completed application (4 page application, employment verification and/or client verification and college transcripts) must be received by the Certification Administrator at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the examination for which you wish to sit.

If all of your supporting documentation is not received prior to your test date, it will not preclude you from sitting for the exam.

Email: pdu@buid.ac.ae to start the process.



Fees for the CEA certification process are as follows:

•Certification Application, 3 days Live Seminar and Examination: ◦$ 1850 (6818 AED)

  Discount of 100$ for early registration and payment (conditions apply)


Maintaining Certification

For information on maintaining your certification, please go to our certification renewals website: www.aeecenter.org/certificationrenewal

Since its inception in 1981, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) credential has become widely accepted and used as a measure of professional accomplishment within the energy management field.

Owners and developers are demanding green buildings to save money while protecting the environment and occupant’s health. LEED ® has already been adopted by UAE, USA, Canada, Mexico, and India.

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