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Construction Law & Arbitration Part 1 & Part 2

Construction Law and Arbitration Part 1 & Part 2 (BB57-01 & BB57-02)


Training Schdule 2019

Dates Time Course Code Course Name Language of
25 January 2020 10:00 – 16:30 BB57-01 Construction Law and
Arbitration Part 1
26 January 2020 10:00 – 16:30 BB57-02 Construction Law and
Arbitration Part 2



The construction industry has a complex range of procedures, often with large financial outlay, long in duration and involvement of multiple stakeholders that characterize most projects. These features make the industry highly prone to disputes, which could undermine the viability and economic benefits of a project unless the disputes are resolved quickly and in an efficient manner. According to a recent report on Global Construction Disputes (2016) by ACADIS, almost 33% of construction-related joint ventures in the Middle East resulted in disputes with arbitration being the most common dispute resolution method after negotiation.

Construction Law is very important in the United Arab Emirates. Attendees of this course will examine ways to help avoid future disputes by drafting good construction law contracts and conducting improved administrative processes in the delivery of contracts and projects. This course also enables students to familiarise themselves with the new United Arab Emirates Arbitration Law as well as any significant changes in the law. 

In light of the above, BUiD is organising a two-day training course on construction law and arbitration aimed at providing participants with the key legal aspects of construction law and arbitration as one of the preferred method of resolving construction disputes.


Course Objective

Since many construction relationships result in disputes, it is imperative for the parties and their advisers to acquaint themselves with the legal nature of construction contracts and the factors that cause disputes and how to resolve such disputes in an amicable manner, including through arbitration. Delegates will gain a comprehensive grounding in the key areas of construction law and arbitration as the main method of resolving construction disputes.

Course Outline

The course covers the following topics over 2 days of training

BB57-01: Construction Law and Arbitration – PART 1

  • Formation of Construction contract

  • Sub-contracting

  • Defects Liability during the Notification Period

  • Decennial Liability

  • Variation clauses

  • Bonds

  • Payment and back-to-back clauses

BB57-02: Construction Law and Arbitration – PART 2

  • Arbitration Agreement

  • Arbitral Tribunal

  • Arbitration Proceedings

  • The supportive role of the courts

  • Arbitration Awards

  • Enforcement and Challenge of arbitral awards

Delivery Method:

This is a 2-day intensive programme featuring interactive lectures, case studies and practical coursework facilitated by leading academics and practitioners in the fields of construction law and dispute resolution.

Target Audience 

The training program will be of interest to legal practitioners, in-house counsel, consultants, contract managers, engineers, government civil servants working in the fields of construction supervision and regulation, and other professionals involved in managing construction projects.

Delivery Hours and Duration   

The training is delivered over two-day period from 10:00 – 16:30

Course Testing and Evaluation Methods:

No formal testing of participants is required. Nevertheless, participants are expected to share their experiences and actively contribute to the discussions throughout the training programme. On completion participants will receive certificates of participation.

Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback on all aspects related to the programme, including the organisation, content of the programme and method of delivery.


The first day concentrates on construction law, the second day on arbitration.

The course has been accredited by the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department.

DAY 1:

Four (4) CPD Points will be awarded to candidates successful completing BB57-01 Construction Law and Arbitration -Part 1.

DAY 2:

Four (4) CPD points will be awarded to candidates successfully competing BB57-02 Construction Law and Arbitration- Part 2.

For candidates completing both days of training eight (8) CPD points will be awarded.

Course books or materials to be given to participants:  

All presentations will be made available to attendees. 

Instructors Bio: 


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