Dr Katariina Juusola Participates in the Eighth Biannual Gulf Comparative Education Symposium

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dr Katariina Juusola, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business & Law at BUiD, participated in the Eighth Biannual Gulf Comparative Education Symposium (GCES), which was held in Ras al Khaimah on 7-9 April 2018. The conference’s theme was “Public, private, and philanthropy: Exploring the impact of new actors on education in the GCC”.

Dr. Katariina presented her paper at the conference where she talked about “Exploring CSR initiatives and stakeholder discourse of international branch campuses: A stakeholder and institutional perspective”. While international branch campuses have become a notable provision of transnational higher education in the UAE and elsewhere, there is dearth of studies on how CSR is practiced in the host country and how IBCs identify and address the needs of diverse sets of stakeholders to gain legitimacy and build their social impact in the host country.

The GCES is an academic society that was formed in 2008 to enable comparative and professional discourse on educational issues in the Arabian/Persian Gulf region. The Society aims to promote and develop collaborative and individual research activities that explore educational issues by hosting a series of annual conferences and workshops surrounding context-specific educational issues in the Gulf region, connecting academics, policymakers, educators and others through symposia and an online forum, and providing members with access to conference resources and publications.

For more information : (http://gces.ae/about-gces/)


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