Dr. Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash

Dr. Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash

Assistant Professor of TESOL
Dr. Emad has more than 15 years of experience as an English teacher, mentor, team leader and coordinator. He completed his PhD in Education from the British University in Dubai

Contact details

+971 4 279 1400 Ext: 438
+971 4 279 1490

Degrees & Qualification:


  • Ph.D in Education – TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages) from the British University in Dubai – UAE, 2016.  
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from the University of the Fraser Valley – Canada (Pass with distinction) - 2009
  • Master Degree in English/ Translation from Yarmouk University – Jordan. (Rating: Excellent with the honour roll) - 2008
  • B.A. Degree in English Literature and Linguistics from Yarmouk University – Jordan. (Rating: Excellent with the honour roll) - 1996



  • Hassanein, A. A. & Abu-Ayyash, E. A. S. (2018). An investigation of the impact of task complexity on ESL learners' spoken language performance. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, vol. 9(6), pp. 1362-1371. DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17507/jltr.0906.28
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. & McKenny, J. (2017). The flesh and the bones of cohesive devices: Towards a comprehensive model, Journal of World Languages, vol. 4(2), pp. 94-117. Doi: 10.1080/21698252.2017.1417687
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2017). Errors and non-errors in English-Arabic machine translation of gender-bound constructs in technical texts. Procedia Computer Science, vol. 117: pp. 73-80. Doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2017.10.095
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2017). Research practices in cohesive devices’ studies: Benefiting from chaos. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, vol. 7(6), pp. 409-418. Doi: 10.17507/tpls.0706.01
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. & Assaf, M. (2016). The impact of learning-style and task-based teaching of language on learners’ achievement. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, vol. 2(1), pp. 29-54.
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2016). Cohesive-coherent-cohersive. Deutschland: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2016). An investigation of the conformity between an assessment policy document and implementation. Academic Research International, vol. 7(4), pp. 123-135. 
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2015). Non-coherent, cohesive texts. Current Trends in Teacher Education Conference. Dubai: The British University in Dubai.
  • Abu-Ayyash, E.A.S. (2013). The Role of cohesive Devices and The Interplay of Theme and Rheme in Supporting the Argument of Krauthammer’s Free Lunch Egaletarianism. Arab World English Journal, vol. 4(4), pp. 235-251. 

Translation (English to Arabic)

  • Infusion of Critical and Creative Thinking into Elementary Instruction (Author: Robert Swartz).



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