Engineering engines to work better, for longer at lower cost - in an increasingly digital world

Public Talk on Engineering engines to work better, for longer at lower cost - in an increasingly digital world  By Andy Harrison- Rolls-Royce Engineering Associate Fellow - Life Cycle Engineering.the event will be held on Tuesday 18, 2017, 6 pm to 8 pm at BUiD.

18 Apr 2017

Engineering engines to work better, for longer at lower cost - in an increasingly digital world

By Andy Harrison

Rolls-Royce Engineering Associate Fellow - Life Cycle Engineering

Tuesday 18, 2017, 6 pm to 8 pm

The British University in Dubai, 1st Floor, Block 11, Dubai International Academic City


About The Lecture

Aircraft engines are expected to deliver ever-increasing value in the form of available thrust at an ever-decreasing cost of ownership.

This presentation will explore the Engineering activities that take place currently within Rolls-Royce at each stage of a Civil Gas Turbine Engines lifecycle to drive towards better service availability, longer working lives and lower operating costs.

Looking to the future the presentation will explore the exciting opportunities presented by an increasing availability of digital technologies, data and analytics.



About the Speaker


Andrew Harrison is a professional aerospace engineer with over 30 years of experience within Rolls-Royce plc. Andrew Graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Pure and Applied Physics in 1986 and acquired an MBA in 2001.

Andrew has extensive experience in both technical and managerial roles spanning the entire product life cycle from capability generation through to in service support. Andrew is a member of the Rolls-Royce engineering fellowship, representing the 100 most senior technical specialists accountable for maintaining Rolls-Royce at the cutting edge of technology and competitiveness. He is an Honorary Professor at Aston University Business School, a visiting fellow to Cranfield University, a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical society and a chartered engineer.

Over the last 15 years Andrew has led the creation and implementation of Rolls-Royce’s differentiating capability in the area of Design for Service. This capability, which remains largely unique across industry has supported the transformation of Rolls-Royce’s products to the most reliable in the industry with ever decreasing cost of ownership. Rolls-Royce is a globally acknowledged pioneer and innovator in the complex engineering services domain having created the ‘power by the hour’ service concept which is now the standard for the aviation power industry. Design for service is a significant part of this innovation history maintaining our though leadership in the continuing drive for customer satisfaction.

Andrew continues to lead the global Rolls-Royce Engineering for Service research agenda in the area of life cycle engineering. He is actively engaged with the leading UK academic institutions and is founding and leading member of the UK National council for Through Life Engineering Services which provides strategy and direction for UK Industry, academia and Government in this area.


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