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MSc in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management)

Welcom to MSc in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management) Programme

HoP - Prof. Khaled Shaalan

Why study Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management) at BUiD?
In the rapidly developing economy of the region, there is a great need for research based teaching, enabling students to contribute to the knowledge economy by exploiting cutting edge technologies to organise and manage information. This programme aims to provide you with a comprehensive grounding in key techniques considered to be the state of the art in Informatics research and study. Applications are vast, and include several industry sectors ranging from education, architecture, finance, medicine, and travel industries to traditional manufacturing and service sectors. The BUiD MSc has accreditation from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
What can I do with an MSc in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management)?
The Masters in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management) qualifies you to do a job that requires researching data, using it to design programs, and then implementing the programs in experimental stages. This can be done in a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, education, system engineering, manufacturing, communications, transportation, entertainment, defense, computer technology, and of course government (e.g. e-government). Company functions that you would be able to do can be equipment programming, product testing, executing technical projects from inception to completion, record keeping and documentation, research, engineering tasks, information and knowledge management, development and modification of software programs.
Computer professionals with a Masters degree are employed as programmers, engineers, analysts, language and speech experts, consultants, and managers. They could be employed in research and development departments, Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management) departments, or even strategic planning departments of business enterprises or government agencies. Another equally exciting career path would be the continuation of the research that has been started for the Masters dissertation. This will allow graduates to attain a PhD in an area of expertise that is relevant to knowledge development in this part of the world and even beyond since all research conducted at BUiD is of the highest international standing.



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