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MSc in Information Technology Management (ITM)


HoP - Prof. Khaled Shaalan

Welcome to MSc in Information Technology Management Programme

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Why study Information Technology Management at BUiD?
The MSc programme in IT Management aims to produce hybrid managers who can effectively align business and IT strategies. Graduates will have the necessary competence to successfully manage IT projects as well as teams of IT developers, thus, accelerating and streamlining the development process.  The BUiD MSc has accreditation eligibility from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

What can I do with an MSc in Information Technology Management?
BUiD's MSc in IT Management is a novel programme allowing students to acquire skills that are crucial for career advancement in today's rapidly growing knowledge-economy. Graduates in IT Management will have a competitive advantage over colleagues who only have a background in Programming or Computer Science. During the MSc, essential project management skills are acquired through research based lectures and workshops. These include project control and organisational planning, allowing graduates to improve their ability to lead and make strategic decisions.

Graduates will also get an extensive experience in a number of cutting edge IT areas, giving them enough confidence to introduce these innovative techniques into their organisations. Members of staff will guide students through state of the art web techniques taught through interactive projects. Lectures and seminars will also address complex issues in designing databases and complex structures, and provide hands-on experience in cutting edge techniques in data-mining and exploration and knowledge management within organisations. 



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The entry requirements for the MSc in ITM programme.

Data mining is about analyzing, interpreting, visualizing and exploiting the data that is captured scientific and commercial environments. The course will also feature paper presentations and a each student will undertake a mini-project on a real-world dataset.


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