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What can I do with an MSc in Project Management?

The MSc is designed to provide you with the practical skills and theoretical background to become a reflective practitioner able to initiate and implement change and make valuable contributions to industry and society. Applications are vast, and include industry sectors ranging from the Oil and Gas, IT & Communications, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Construction, Government and Social Development. 

Structure of the Programme
The MSc programme is available both full-time (approximately 14 months) and part-time (approximately 18 months) to provide maximum flexibility for those who may wish to work and study.

The programme consists of six modules (20 credits each) which are taught sequentially, and a dissertation (60 credits). Students normally take two modules each term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is BUiD accredited by UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research?
A: Yes, all our programmes are accredited by UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and are offered in association with leading UK Universities such as University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University, and University of Glasgow.

QMy background is not engineering, can I still benefit from PM?
A: Yes, PM is taught at BUiD in a generic manner. That means that irrespective of your first degree or your background you can benefit from it, if you are interested in this area. Currently, our student body includes people from business, marketing, finance, engineering, IT, HR, event management, defense, and media backgrounds. All of them attend the same lectures and participate in class discussions bringing their individual experiences to the group, thus, further enriching the overall learning experience.

Q: Can I transfer credits from other programmes I have completed at other institutes?
A: There is a possibility of doing that. However, that is something you will have to petition separately after getting an offer letter. In order for us to process that application we need the details about course contents, learning outcomes, mode of delivery, your performance and method of assessment for it.

Q: Do I have to attend all classes?
A: Our accreditation requires that students should be physically present in class for 70% of lectures.

Q: Can I specialize in any specific industry for PM?
A: Yes, you may specialize your PM learning by doing module assignments and your dissertation in an area of specializations of your choice.

Q: Who issues the degree certificate, BUiD or UoM?
A: The degree is awarded by the British University in Dubai in association with the University of Manchester.

Professional Accreditations



For further information please contact : Admissions Tutor


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Applicants must demonstrate evidence of basic knowledge and understanding of project management principles. To help you meet this requirement, BUiD is providing access to an internationally recognised online course - the Association for Project Management (APM) Introductory Certificate.

The aim of the dissertation is to give students an opportunity to focus in depth on one aspect of PM, which will normally be directly relevant to a real life workplace situation, and to allow them to demonstrate their independent research skills to the course assessors.


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