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Dr. Maria Papadaki

Dr. Maria Papadaki

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Law
Over ten years’ of experience in Risk Management from both Academia and Industry

Contact details

+971 4 279 1400 Ext: 455
+971 4 279 1490

Over ten years’ of experience in Risk Management from both Academia and Industry, with numerous of years in the implementation, development, improvement and management of risk frameworks, tools and techniques. An individual who can be exposed to a wide range of areas and proves the ability to manage, lead projects, influence, manage people, motivates and drives change in different environments. Portfolio of Achievements Include:

  • Created and Managed the BUiD PMO office.
  • Launched and managed the Dubai Centre for Risk Management.
  • Developed and execute a risk strategy to support a bid for a £7.2bn.
  • Managed the Risk and Business Continuity Management process for Rolls-Royce Supply Chain. Identified and improved risk maturity for 1200 suppliers.
  • Managed and Designed the Supply Chain Risk Management strategic framework in Rolls Royce.
  • Accredited Rolls-Royce Risk Facilitator and Risk Mentor (Subject matter expert).
  • Lead and organized benchmarking sessions between organisations (e.g. Zurich, Cisco and Rolls-Royce)
  • Lead, designed and managed quality processes.
  • Lead the Suppliers Delivery failures Investigation process in Rolls-Royce


Degree / Professional Qualification's

  • PhD in Risk Management-School of Mechanical Aerospace & Civil Engineering, The University of Manchester
  • MSc Management of Projects-School of Mechanical Aerospace & Civil Engineering, The University of Manchester
  • BSc Business Economics- Business School, Salford University
  • Certificate of Scholarship BSc Business Economics- IPAG University, Nice, (Monaco) France
  • Foundation degree in International Business, Salford University


Professional Experience

  • Senior Relationship Manager –Risk Manager, The University of Manchester (2014 - Present)
  • Supply Chain Risk Manager (Global leader), Rolls-Royce plc. (2011 - 2014)
  • Interim Head of Risk (UKNR), Rolls-Royce plc. UK Nuclear Restoration (UKNR) (2013)
  • Enterprise Risk Management professional, Rolls-Royce plc. (2010 - 2011)

Publications & Seminars

  • Incorporating Building Information Modeling within the construction curriculum in the United kingdom (UK) 2015 Anas Bataw, Richard Kirkham and Maria Papadaki.
  • 27th IPMA world conference, Croatia 2012 (presenter) Title: Essential Factor that increase the programme risk management effectiveness.
  • Russian Project Management Journal: Papadaki, M, et al., Факторы, влияющие на принятие решений в ходе управления рисками проекта (Factors affecting the decision-making in the management of project risk). Управление проектами и программами (Project and Programme Management). 2012 February; 1(29): 13.
  • 26th IPMA world conference, Greece 2012 (presenter) Title: How do project managers use risk data to make decisions?
  • 25th IPMA world conference, Brisbane 2011 (presenter) Title: The Relationship between Corporate Enterprise Risk Management, Project Risk Management and Risk Tools: Managing the Interfaces
  • 24th IPMA world Conference, Istanbul 2010(presenter) Paper Title: Factors affecting the use of Risk Management within the project environment
  • PM-Greece, 2010 (presenter)Paper Title: Factors influencing Project Risk Management Decision Making
  • 22nd IPMA world Conference, Rome 2008 (presenter) Paper Title: Investigation of the relationship between Budget Contingency, Project Risk Management and Profit

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