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The EdD degree offered by the Faculty of Education is designed to meet the needs and interests of professionals working within the educational sector. This may be in all levels of education from schools through to higher education as well as in organisations that have educational and training responsibilities in the public and private sectors. A qualified student will, through consultation with a Director of Studies and Personal Tutor and within the expertise and resources of the Faculty, design a specialised research programme to meet his/her educational and career objectives.

Our Doctorate in Education has the following aims/goals:

  • Excellent doctoral level research is the main aim and an original research project that makes a significant contribution to the chosen fields of study
  • Taught units are designed around the key knowledge (both theoretical and applied) elements of the fields and taught by academic who have excellent international research records
  • The research process involves extensive coverage in both quantitative and qualitative forms
  • Research methods, theory, analysis, argumentation and evaluation skills are developed through the taught modules and the thesis
  • Students become academic and professional authorities in their subject area - essentially a license to teach in higher education
  • The doctorate will be a gateway to further research opportunities at universities, in the public and privates sectors, and in international organizations

By the end of the programme, students will have demonstrated the ability to perform innovative research in an area of professional relevance through the completion of a major research project and the publication of a thesis. In order to carry out this overall aim the following learning outcomes will be achieved:

  • Identify key local and international issues and recognise innovative ideas within selected fields of education, both within a specialist area and in wider areas of education
  • Critically understand a variety of scholarly standpoints and be able to apply them to a specialised area of study.
  • Be able to extend and apply current theoretical perspectives to generate new theoretical models, knowledge and insight of relevance to Dubai, the UAE and the wider Gulf region, as well as internationally.
  • Be able to seek out and critically analyse sources or evidence bases
  • Demonstrate an ability to disseminate and publish ideas through the production of a substantial portfolio of written work, including a thesis

The program attracts high achieving participants from the UAE and throughout the region interested in topics of teaching, learning, management, policy, special education and others.



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