Prof. Abid Abu-Tair Talks about the Structural Health Monitoring in “Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology” Conference

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Prof. Abid Abu-Tair, Professor of Structural Engineering at BUiD, participated in the Second International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology on 21-23 December 2017 in Hyderabad- India.

Prof. Abid gave a keynote presentation on “Enhancing the Acceptance of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)”. In his presentation, he spoke about how Structural Health Monitoring SHM, is being accepted more and more in developed countries and how the SHM cost is now accepted in value engineering as a vital tool for asset management and sustainability of existing structures. The development of SHM has been helped by advances in Materials Engineering, Wireless Communication and Power Supplies making it more powerful tool, lowering its cost and yielding good data on the health condition of the structures”.

The conference aimed to bring professional engineers from industry, academics, research organizations and research scholars of matching interests on a common platform to share new ideas, experiences, and knowledge in various fields of Engineering and Technology. 


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