The Internationalisation of Higher Education Research and Teaching: What are the implications and limitations?"

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The British University in Dubai hosted a seminar on the worldwide challenges and implications of the internationalisation of higher education. The event was open to all people who are interested in higher education in the UAE: academics, students, administrative staff and leaders, and officials and organisations of Emirate and federal government.

The event was hosted and introduced by Dr Christopher Hill, BUiD’s Associate Professor of International Education and Director of its Doctoral Training Centre.  It was led by the University of Manchester’s Associate Vice President for Internationalisation, Professor Stephen Flint and Professor Andy Gale, of the School of Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Civil Engineering. The lecture was followed by dialogue about the consequences of the phenomenon of increased movement of students, academics, degree programmes, and university campuses beyond their national origins. The participants took part in exercises that asked them to apply the issues to the particularities of the UAE and debate possible answers to these questions:

Are there different starting points, patterns, and needs for internationalisation in the UAE?

Are there unique trends, motivations, risks, and impacts of internationalisation in the UAE?


Internationalisation refers to various activities of universities:

•             when universities set up operation in countries other than their own; when academic and students move to other countries to pursue their careers in academic studies or teaching;

•             when curricula change to include issues of transnational origin;

•             when teaching and learning processes encourage analyses of contemporary problems from perspectives that encompass the varied cultural and ethnic origins of people of a single national setting

•             when degree programmes stimulate reflection on the different starting points, involvement, and implications of contemporary global problems across different nations.

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