ZEMCH 2015 International Conference

ZEMCH 2015, in its’ fourth year, is an annual global interactive forum for intellectual discussion on the problems and delights of design, manufacturing and marketing surrounding the delivery of low CO2 and ultimately, Zero Energy Houses that are customisable on a mass scale, either built or under construction in developing and developed countries

22 Sep 2015 to 25 Sep 2015

The 4th Annual Conference of the Zero Energy Mass Custom Home (ZEMCH) Network.

WHO IS CONFERENCE FOR? The conference is open to all who are engaged in research into systems of housing construction, design, business, education, environmental policy and urban development.

ZEMCH 2015 FOCUS ON: Housing is a system of energy and environment and required to accommodate wants and needs of individuals and society, which are usually considered to be diverse and dynamic. The 'needs' factor often reflects minimum quality of end-user products (i.e. housing) and may embrace 'adequacy' being prescribed in conventional codes, while the 'wants' may be satisfied only if they are defined clearly by stakeholders (e.g. house-users and builder/developers) at the design decision making stage. 'Mass customisation' is an oxymoron or, perhaps, a paradigm case of a systems approach to identifying the aforementioned wants and needs that should be incorporated into the design of end-user products (or homes). Albeit increasing market demands for achievement of social, economic and environmental sustainability in housing today, conventional homebuilders (and housing manufacturers alike) who are often reluctant to spending extra time, money and effort for information gathering of new products and services are still barely able to adopt recently emerging innovations including mass custom design approaches to the delivery of sustainable affordable homes.

Conference Proceedings: https://www.joomag.com/magazine/zemch-2015-international-conference-proc...


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