Zero Energy Mass Custom Home Network (ZEMCH)

20 Dec 2016 to 23 Dec 2016

Zero Energy Mass Custom Home Network 2016

Call for paper deadline 15th June 2016

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The ZEMCH 2016 conference is the 5th important international gathering of green global architects and developers for Zero Energy Mass Customised Housing. With their academic research background, the community as a worldwide operating network tries to present research-based new viable systems as contribution to curb global warming by green and energy efficient building technology. Its recent back story relates to the December 2015 Paris Agreement with the ambitious Climate Agreement goals inhibiting the increment of global warming to maximum 1 degree C by 2050. As the overarching theme of this year’s conference based on the Paris Agreement, the buzzwords “implementation” and “action” are the ones that should echo into the future. This is where ZEMCH 2016 may contribute via presentations and discussions of the pertinent work of its participants. The series of all so far four annual ZEMCH conferences has a long-standing track record of innovation for Zero Energy Mass Housing, and it has the chance to channel scientific progress towards the goal of building inclusive and thriving low-carbon housing approaches. In order to achieve the ambitious Climate Agreement goals of the present and the future, ZEMCH also encompasses discussions that sustainability becomes an integral part of every country’s strategy, decision-making and disclosures. Science - just as government and developers – contribute and can be held accountable for the commitments given in Paris. Probably a new positive signal coming out of the Paris agreement and carrying over to ZEMCH is the growing number of financial players getting from just being concerned to getting involved in the discussions. Property developers, asset managers and even occupants as stakeholders are all beginning to understand that they need to embark in understanding the risks of global warming, and make do of the responsibility how to help to curb it. The next few years will see new opportunities emerging for companies to provide investors with a full performance financially sound profile that reflects environmental and social impacts as well as financial ones. It is foreseeable that the work of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, led by Mike Bloomberg and Mark Carney, will make important progress in that area. ZEMCH 2016 is the continuation of the global framework for addressing all systemic issues mass customized housing faces including the financial issues. A zero carbon housing is a concerted effort where everyone can play an eminent part proving it is possible and can be adjusted for different climate zones. Hence, new strategic investment and business opportunities intricately tied to the progress and transparency of this research and environmental protection can be made. Concluding, ZEMCH 2016 aims to establish not only an intellectual forum of interactive discussion on design, production and marketing issues surrounding the delivery of low to zero energy/CO2 emission mass-customizable homes being built in developed and developing countries. Moreover, the conference is open to any stakeholders who are involved in housing research, business, teaching, and policy.

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Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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