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Dr. Abba Ali Kolo

Dr. Abba Ali Kolo

Associate Professor, Acting Head of the MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution Programme
He is also a visiting Professor at the Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Contact details

+971 4 279 1400 Ext: 463
+971 4 279 1490


Before joining the British University in Dubai, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee (United Kingdom).


Degrees / Professional Qualification’s

  • PhD in International Economic Law, University of Dundee, United Kingdom
  • LLM (Master in Law), University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom
  • BL (Bachelor in Law), Nigerian Law School, Lagos, Nigeria
  • LLB Degree in Law,  Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria




Journal Articles:

Kolo, A. (2010). Witness Intimidation, Tampering and Other Related Abuses of Process in Investment Arbitration: Possible Remedies Available to the Arbitral Tribunal. Arbitration International, vol. 26 (1), pp. 43-86.

Kolo, A. (2008). Tax Veto as a Special Jurisdictional and Substantive Issue in Investor-State Arbitration: Need for Reassessment. Suffolk Transnat'l L. Rev., vol. 32, pp. 475.

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Kolo, A. (2004). Managing Post-Privatisation Political and Regulatory Risks in Nigeria-A Law and Policy Perspective. Journal of Energy & Natural resources Law, vol. 22, pp.473.

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Kolo, A. (2002). Coercion and the Limits of Freedom of Contract, 5 University of Maiduguri Law Journal, pp. 78-99.

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  Kolo, A. (1995). Some Current International Law issues relating to Foreign Investment, 4 University of Maiduguri Law Journal, pp. 48-60.


Book Chapters:

Kolo, A. (2011). Dispute Settlement and Sustainable Development of Natural Resources in Africa, in F. Botchway (ed). Natural Resources Investment and Africa’s Development. Edward Elgar Publishing: UK, pp. 49-71.

Kolo, A., & Cameron, P. (2011). Energy and Investment, in K. Bosselmann, D. Fogel & J. Ruhl (eds). Berkshire Encyclopaedia of Sustainability. Berkshire Publishing Group: US,vol. 3, pp. 341-345.

Kolo, A. (2010). Transfer of Funds: The Interaction between the IMF Articles of Agreement and Modern Investment Treaties: A Comparative Law Perspective, in S. Schill (ed). International Investment Law and Public Law. Oxford University Press: UK, pp. 345-375.

Kolo, A. (2009). Fat cats and ‘Windfall Profits Taxes’ in the Natural Resources Industry: Legal and Policy Analysis in light of Modern Investment Treaties, in J. Warner & A. Ali (eds). Liber Amicrum: Thomas Walde. Cameron & May:UK,pp. 99-119.

Kolo, A., & Walde, T. (2008). Coverage of Taxation under Modern Investment Treaties, in P. Muchlinski et al. (eds). The Oxford Handbook of International Investment Law. Oxford University Press: UK, pp.305-362.

Kolo, A., & Walde, T. (2008). Capital Transfer Restrictions under Modern Investment Treaties, in August Reinisch (ed). Standards of Investment Protection. Oxford University Press: UK, pp. 205-243.


Conference Papers:

Kolo, A. (2012). Expropriatory Taxation in International Investment Law: A Comparative Perspective. Minerals Taxation and Sustainable Development. CEPMLP: London, UK. 27-28 June.

Kolo, A. (2009). Modern Investment Treaties and Tax-related Energy Disputes – An Overview of key issues. The Resolution of Tax-related Oil & Gas/Energy Investment Disputes – Latest Developments.12 June. AIPN/Deloitte: London, UK.

Kolo, A. (2008). Special Tax and Exchange Control Jurisdictional issues in Investment Arbitration. The Inaugural Conference on Investment Arbitration Moot Competition.  Suffolk University: Boston, U.S.A. 30-31 October.

Kolo, A. (2008).Tax and Foreign Exchange Restriction issues in Investor-State Arbitration, Specialised Arbitration and Advocacy Skills in International Oil & Gas Arbitration. CEPMLP: St Andrews, UK. 11 September.

Kolo, A. (2008). Managing Regulatory and Fiscal Risks through Contract and International Investment Treaty, The 2nd Global Contract Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry. Marcus Evans: Barcelona, Spain. 21-22 April.

Kolo, A. (2007). Managing Political Risk in Infrastructure in Africa – The Role of Contract and Investment Standards. Infrastructure Development in Africa. United Nations Commission on Africa (UNECA): Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 29 September - 3 October.

Kolo, A. (2007). Investor-state Arbitration and Local Community rights. Governance of Natural Resource Revenue. Central European University: Budapest, Hungary. 23 June – 1 July.



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