Faculty of Engineering & IT People

Academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering & IT People are qualified to the same high standards required by Britain's foremost universities. All academic staff have extensive teaching experience and a strong research record.

Professor Bassam Abu-Hijleh
Dean of Faculty of Engineering & IT, Atkins Chair, Head of PhD in Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment, and MSc. in Sustainable Design of Built Environment Programmes.
He is an Honorary Fellow at Cardiff University – UK. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering...
Professor Robert Whalley
Head of the MSc in Systems Engineering, MSc in Intelligent Buildings Desing & Automation, MSc. in Engineering Management Programmes
He served an engineering apprenticeship with Beloit-Walmsley International Limited (Bury) gaining...
Professor Khaled Shaalan
Head of PhD in Computer Science, MSc in Information Technology Management (ITM), MSc in Informatics (IT) Programme
He is a Tenure Full Professor of Computers Science at Faculty of Computers & Information, Cairo...
Professor Abid Abu-Tair
Head of the MSc in Structural Engineering Programme
Prof. Halim Boussabaine
Professor of Project Management, Faculty of Engineering and IT
Boussabaine has more than of experience in academic leadership, teaching, postgraduate supervision...
Prof. Sherief Abdallah
Professor of Information Technology
He is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He holds a PhD from the University of...
Dr Alaa Ameer
Head of MSc. Engineering Management Programme
He is a Mechanical Engineer with an extensive teaching and research experience in modelling,...
Dr. Cornelius Ncube
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering & IT
An Honorary Fellow at the School of Informatics, Edinburgh University, UK.
Dr Hanan Taleb
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering
She is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Cardiff, UK. She holds a PhD in Sustainable...
Dr. Riad Saraiji
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering and IT
Dr. Riad Saraiji is a former faculty member of two of the top 20 Engineering universities in USA;...



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