Alumni Testimonials

BUiD's alumni provide testimonials of how their experiences have changed their lives. Here are the few of the testimonials given to us by our graduands.



Vajiheh Sajadifar, MSc Human Resources Management, Year 2013

BUiD offers a great environment with a very supportive staff to give us a hand whenever needed...

During my studies at BUiD, I especially appreciated being taught by professors, with real world experience who are ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional careers. The professors are there to communicate their knowledge and their know-how, thereby enabling us to develop more and more. BUiD offers a great environment with a very supportive staff to give us a hand whenever needed. Studying here allowed me to learn Human Resources and Management skills. I had the opportunity to make great friends and experience. I believe in a prosperous future, because BUiD has given me the opportunity to do so.

Hind Imad Kassir, Masters in Education, Year 2013
Coordinator and trainer for science standards implementation in cycle II
In Ministry of Education- Specialized department- Madares Al Ghad (MAG)

BUiD excels in having the best professional teachers...

BUiD excels in having the best professional teachers, that not only structure the way you think, but give you the professional ways to be an education professional yourself. The relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding. The academics are dedicated professors and doctors who are very experienced in the field and share with you knowledge and opportunities for a better future. 

The support is always there starting from the reception to the academic success unit workshops to the librarian, as well as the administration: it is a permanent seek for quality within the education.

Mahmoud Sultan Nafa, Masters in Education, Year 2013
Head of English Department
Al Maarif School for Secondary Education
Dubai Educational Zone
Lecturer at Al Jazeera University

I have a rich and constructive experience as I learnt to be independent learner or even a researcher...

I am very happy to tell everybody about my experience at the British University in Dubai. I have a rich and constructive experience as I learnt to be independent learner or even a researcher. I was guided by many knowledgeable and professional doctors especially Dr. Yasemin who supervised my dissertation. In addition, all the staff including the registration, IT and the library teams are helpful and cooperative at BUiD. I am grateful to this University and its staff and I wish them all success.

Sinan Al Sheikh, IBM Consultant

When I joined BUiD, I joined as a fellowship student. I had all the time needed to study and innovate freely in the university...

During my first semester in the university I was interviewed by IBM. I was one of a very few lucky people who were selected to be enrolled in an intensive graduate trainee course in IBM to be prepared for an IT Consultant role in the company. At that time I had to choose whether to complete my studies or to start a new career with IBM.I needed advice from someone who is wise and experienced to help me take one of my life time decisions.

I found that person inside BUiD who had lived through a similar situation in the past. He was one of my professors who encouraged me to purse my dream even if it was on both tracks. He kept motivating and supporting me even after working hours and during his weekends. Dr.Khaled was more than just a professor for me, and without his words and continuous support I wouldn't have made it to the finish line and submit my thesis at the end to graduate a Masters degree.

Ahmed Mohammed Alhawashim, MSc Human Resources Manamgement, Year 2013 
HR and Administration Manager - Gulf Technical Factory

BUiD as research based institute has changed my thinking strategy dramatically. A wide range of academic knowledge and professional competencies acquired during my study. BUiD's MSc in HRM programme enriched my knowledge, sharpened my skills and enhanced my abilities. I can describe this as a paradigm shift that has affected my whole life including my professional career. 

Amer Adway, Masters in Education - TESOL, Year 2013
Teacher Development Specialist-MOE-MAG Schools

For my higher education I was looking for a place that would expose me to a great mix of quality education and culture. That is when I came across BUiD. All of these factors were reaffirmed when I started my TESOL studies there. My time in BUiD has allowed me to be developed professionally and my education has helped me stay updated at work.

Iryna Akulenka, MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution 
Project Manager, WS Atkins & Partners Overseas

Having finally received my MSc Degree 2 months ago, after 2 long years, came as an immense relief as studying part time and working full time was I think the toughest part of the process. Difficulties aside, I truly enjoyed the experience. The Knowledge had been great; it opened up so many new doors for me in terms of professional development and future career. I have met wonderful people, true construction professionals willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others around them.

The most memorable part I think was our short trip to Oxford in fall 2012 organized by BUiD. It was fun! I truly enjoyed meeting our fellow students from Kings, debating, sharing knowledge and attending lectures, and just walking the streets of this amazing city with outstanding architecture and urban design! 

Overall, am overwhelmed by this achievement; my husband, my family in Belarus and my professors who taught me during my BEng years are all so proud, and to me it is the most valuable feeling in the whole world. 

Taher Salah Eldananf, MSc Sustainable Design of Built Environment, Year 2013
Lecturer at Ajman University of Science & Technology

The significant experience I gained from my Masters study at BUiD added a lot to my career. The research based programmes at the University have strengthened my skills in my major, gave me infinite knowledge and remarkable techniques to add to my teaching skills and provided me with a solid base to conduct my PhD research. The University was always aware of the market demands therefore, they always provided us with the possibility of interacting with experts in our field. To conclude, the unforgettable memories have added great value to my career in specific, and my life in general. 

Farzana Asad Mir, MSc Project Management, Year 2012
Head of Quality
The British University in Dubai

The BUiD’s MSc in Project Management provides a unique opportunity to learn Project Management with a research-based focus. This programme is an excellent combination that manages to keep a strong pedagogical emphasis while maintaining industry relevance throughout the programme.

In completing this degree I have gained a greater body of knowledge in all areas of project management. Now I have more confidence in my project management abilities to deliver excellent business outcomes. My new found research skills have helped me in linking theory with practice. I am now more aware about the new techniques and approaches being developed in my field. In short, this degree has empowered me by equipping me with the tools necessary to reach out and gain further knowledge to help me excel at my professional work.



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