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Alumni Testimonials

BUiD Masters Graudates Testimonials


Nesrin Abdul Zaher Tantawy 

Master of Education- TESOL 2016

Lecturer at Al Dar University College


“All I can say is that when I first set out on this journey, I was an entirely different person from what I have become now.  Before joining BUiD, I was a self-contained individual who would shrink into herself among strangers and would feel intimidated in the limelight, but now I am a different person.  I graduated from BUiD as a person who feels quite comfortable being in the spotlight. This whole programme with the amazing professors helped me tap into my academic skills which I never knew were that profound. I would like to take that opportunity to thank Prof. Eman Gaad along with all my dear professors for assisting me in laying such a strong foundation towards a more professional academic career”.



Mina Ghassan Radhwan

Master of Education- Science Education,2016

Science Co-ordinator - Al Durrah International School.

"I have to admit that I have gained so much knowledge as well as many skills in my two-year experience at BUiD that gave me the potential to proceed to the PhD and take the sky as my only limit. As a distinguished BUiD student, I felt committed to encourage all postgraduates to join the Master's programmes ran by the British University in Dubai".



Mohamed Ali Saleh Alharrasi

MSc in Project Management 2016

Project Engineer - Power Project Department

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you and other people my special Master’s experience in BUiD. As someone who lives and works in Muscat- Oman studying in Dubai was such a huge challenge to manage.  I had to travel the distance of about 450 KM, but BUiD education system was very helpful for me to learn the maximum even when I was far from campus. This has given me the confidence to take on any challenge, and never to turn down an opportunity before trying first.



Sangeeta Tewar

Master of Business Administration - 2015
Human Relations Manager

I am fortunate to be a staff of BUiD as choosing this University for MBA was indeed the right decision. The MBA program enhanced my soft, administrative and strategic skills. The mentorship provided by faculty members helped me gain confidence and strengthened my decision-making capabilities, which helped me progress in my career. The program is meticulously designed to meet the market trends and the research-based aspect of MBA helped me gain knowledge beyond the classroom walls. My research skills were further sharpened as we bagged the National Research Foundation’s grant for the Triple Helix Model for Innovation in the UAE. As part of the student exchange program in MBA, I had an opportunity to attend the “Leadership Week” in Robert Gordon University in Scotland, United Kingdom, which added further value to my Master’s degree. Constant guidance from the faculty and support from my family helped me pass MBA with distinction in BUiD and I am a proud graduate from the first cohort of MBA in BUiD.


Mohammad Mustafa Abdulrahim Abbaas

Master of Business Administration - 2016
Cash Management & Banks Officer
Ajman Free Zone

During my MBA study at BUID, I gained valuable benefits academically.  It has changed my perspective on my work, the way  business  operates, the different tasks as well as  how to plan  strategically for future tasks in order to save time and cost.

Furthermore, the research approach that  I learned in the university helped me find solutions for business problems which we face on daily basis, as well as using best practices in applications throughout history & case studies. This has  enriched my knowledge in many  aspects related to my  work and life in general .


Yousef Solieman Dar Ibaid

MSc Project Management-2015
Procurement Manager - EFECO LLC

When I came to know from one of my friends that the British University in Dubai (BUiD) was offering Master degree in the Project Management; I thought it was a fantastic, because most of my previous work and experience since I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Engineering was related to projects and management . I knew right away that this is the right subject, time and University to achieve my dream and to have a master’s degree in a very related and amazing subject for which I was involved in on daily basis during my work in the construction field and procurement specifically. Project Management is a very interesting and useful discipline in direct relation with most life aspects, work activities and industry sectors; it covers many management areas like; Project Integration Management, Project Cost Management, Project Time Management, Project Communication Management, Project Procurement Management.. etc. During my study, I came to know that management is not a mere practice and personal experience; but it should be a solid and a professional knowledge, diversified skills, offering proper tools and techniques within an integrative and scientific approaches. Lastly, in Sep. 2015, I have obtained the Master Degree in my beloved subject, the Project Management, with Distinction. Thank you all in BUiD, and I wish to start the PhD program with you very soon.




Yazan Madi

MSc in Project Management , 2012

Project Manager / Senior Specialist - Roads and Transport Authority - Dubai

I am a civil engineer by profession, and I work in the field of project management for major infrastructure and transit related projects. I currently work for the Government of Dubai and managing the Dubai Tram Phases 2&3 project. The Tram project contributes to the enhancement of the public transport facilities in line with the government’s vision for providing an effective and integrated transport system to the residents of Dubai. As a project manager, I have the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of the project “Not an easy job but I enjoy it”. 
My experience with BUiD presented an opportunity to grow on both a professional and a personal level. The Masters Course broadened my vision of what a manager needs to consider in the day-to-day running of a business, and taught me to think critically about the sort of decisions that need to be made from various points-of-view. During my time of study, I have worked with a peer group of like-minded students at a similar stage in their management development, and with complementary interests and ambitions. It was an engaging and stimulating learning experience, with staff and students coming together in a vibrant postgraduate community. My BUiD experience taught me the importance of asking the right questions to the right people and gave me a competitive edge in making significant decisions for myself and at my work. In addition to the subject knowledge gained, I have also developed many transferable skills that have helped me greatly in my career.
My advice for future students is to get in touch with the relevant School and academics beforehand and to make sure that the selected Masters Course matches what they are looking for and what they hope to get out of the course. I would definitely recommend the British University in Dubai for your Masters studies. Its staff is very supportive and will provide you with excellent feedback on your work, helping you to learn and improve in your studies constantly.


Mr. Elmugtaba Ali Bannaga

MSc. Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, 2015
Legal Counsel, Bin Suwaidan Advocates & Legal Consultants – Dubai Office

I am a graduate of BUiD’s MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution. My studies were very useful and made a big addition to my daily line of work and expertise, giving me substantial advanced knowledge relevant to my field. My time with BUiD’s staff and other students was enjoyable; the quality of information exchange and research is very good and useful. Because all lectures were conducted during weekends or evening times, I did not have to worry about any conflict between my studies and my considerable work obligations. Frankly speaking, I consider that my decision to study at BUiD was a wise one.


Dania Tachouali

MSc. Sustainable Design of the Built Environment, 2016

The British University in Dubai is the top choice for many architects who are seeking to lead the wave of sustainable design of the built environment. The MSc. Sustainable design of the built environment programme strengthened my vocational skills and my environmentally responsible attitude necessary in terms of designing locally and globally. I had the opportunity to attend training courses, seminars and conferences in Dubai and abroad. One of the personal benefits of this programme, is that I got the chance to broaden my career horizon by interacting and working with professionals from the industrial sectors and sharing experiences, moreover, I was able to enhance my professional network of contacts and support"


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