Faculty of Engineering and IT


To become an integral and dynamic partner in the long-term economic, social and environmental development strategies for the region.


To provide world-class cutting-edge education and research with focus on regional needs while remaining internationally relevant.


  1. Conduct world-class research to improve performance and productivity of organisations, nationally and regionally
  2. Foster a long-term relationship with industry based on mutual interests and benefits
  3. Work collaboratively with industry on joint projects to produce cost-effective solutions to their local needs
  4. Establish forums and networks to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange among academics and industrialists
  5. Play a leading role in the implementation of research findings into local and regional organisations
  6. Play a leading role in identifying, planning and conducting research agendas nationally and regionall
  7. Provide both the public and private sectors with high-quality services, i.e. consultancy and continuous professional development training programmes
  8. Disseminate research findings and the latest advances in engineering & IT and innovation through
  9. Running national and international conferences.
The University offers a full-time and part-time Masters degree programmes
  1. Sustainable Design of Built Environment
  2. Systems Engineering
  3. structural Engineering
  4. Engineering Management
  5. Informatics
  6. IT Management

In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Manchester, degrees are awarded by BUiD according to standards set by the CAA, with strategic guidance from the UK counterparts.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science

Why study BUiD’s PhD in Computer Science  provides resources and space for students to grow intellectually and be able to undertake research in a computer science related area, which is crucial both for continued economic prosperity in the region and for students’ own academic and professional growth. A computer science PhD offers the chance to […]

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment

Why study The PhD in Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment (ASBE) meets an important need in skill and knowledge in the increasingly important area of environmentally responsive design. Operation, energy and policy requirements with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices are becoming an integral part of current thinking as well as future strategies worldwide. This is […]

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Master of Science in Informatics

Why study This programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive grounding in key techniques of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. The Masters in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management) is a novel programme that qualifies students to undertake tasks that require researching data, using it to design programmes, and then implementing the programmes in […]

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Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Why study The MSc programme in IT Management aims to produce hybrid managers who can effectively align business and IT strategies. Graduates will have the necessary competence to successfully manage IT projects as well as teams of IT developers, thus accelerating and streamlining the development process.   Members of staff will guide students through state of […]

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Master of Science in Sustainable Design of the Built Environment

Why study Climate change and its impacts are an immediate global environmental concern. The built environment is a major contributor to carbon emissions and depletion of resources. In addition, the indoor environment within buildings has a major impact on the health, well-being and productivity of occupants. A more sustainable approach to design can be achieved […]

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Master of Science in Engineering Management

Why study The key advantage of BUiD’s MSc in Engineering Management is the flexibility offered to students – they can choose to take a research/capstone project route or a more in-depth dissertation/thesis route. Both these routes provide experience of research: generating relevant research questions; literature review and critique; data collection; analysis and interpretation. Another advantage […]

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Master of Science in Structural Engineering

Why study A structural engineer is directly responsible for the structural integrity, strength, economy, and sustainability of a building or structure. It makes structural engineering one of the most central of engineering programmes. BUiD’s MSc in Structural Engineering is a state-of-the-art programme that encompasses the latest scientific developments in the field. The modules offered cover […]

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Master of Science in Building Services Engineering

Why study BUiD’s MSc in Building Services Engineering combines analytical skills with knowledge and is primarily directed towards engineers who are looking to pursue more challenging and advanced roles in their organisations. The programme is suitable for both junior and middle-level engineers from relevant disciplines, including Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Civil and Manufacturing, or […]

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Why study Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the attempt to build systems that have intelligent behaviour. There are two main directions of research which are followed in the BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. One is to enable students to comprehend natural intelligence through the utilisation of computer models. The other enables students to develop […]

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Why study Studying Software Engineering teaches students how to write good software and give you the engineering skills needed to meet requirements such as reliability, maintainability, usability and cost-effectiveness. BUiD’s programme helps develop a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science and Software Engineering and of their interrelationships. It is directed […]

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Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Why study BUiD’s BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering addresses the needs of the region in the industrial, manufacturing, airline, shipping, service and governmental sector. Graduates of this programme will be equipped with a wide set of relevant knowledge and skills preparing them for an employment market with very diverse needs. Owing to the integrated nature and […]

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Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Why study BUiD’s BSc in Architecture is designed to provide research-led teaching which leads to critical and independent learners. The undergraduate course emphasises the specificity of space and place expressed in integration and acknowledgment of its context. The programme’s modules explore sustainability in architecture, green buildings, energy efficiency, building codes and regulations, and building indoor […]

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Academics – Faculty of Engineering and IT

Faculty of Engineering and IT     Professor Abdullah Alshamsi Vice Chancellor of The British University in Dubai    Professor Bassam AbuHijleh Dean and Head of Programme, Sustainability and the Built Environment Programmes (MSc SDBE  / PhD ASBE)    Professor Alaa Ameer Head of Programme, MSc-Eng.Mgt /BSE/BSc Electro-mechanical    Professor Abid Abu Tair Head of Programme, MSc StrE, […]

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