Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence


Why study Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence

The Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides you the knowledge to build systems that have intelligent behaviour. There are two main directions of research which are followed in the bachelor degree of Artificial Intelligence. One is to enable students to comprehend natural intelligence through the utilisation of computer models. The other enables students to develop methods and innovation to build systems capable of intelligent decisions and actions. In this way, the AI that students learn is both a science and an engineering discipline. Applications of AI range from ‘smart’ controllers for household devices to computers that can converse in natural languages such as English, play computer games, conduct intelligent web searches or act as the brain of a robot. We support students to get such experiences by giving them the opportunities to participate in study trips and internships, both in the UAE and internationally.

Career prospects

If you are considering studying a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, you probably already know that this can lead to a very wide range of careers and jobs. According to data from job search sites, we will keep on observing employment development in AI for at least ten years or more, which is something that will mitigate the often publicised job losses due to AI-led automation. The following are the top six most in-demand AI jobs: software developer; data scientist; research scientist; R&D engineer; business intelligence developer; and computer vision engineer.The job opportunities do not end with the categories listed above. There are many other types of jobs related to Artificial Intelligence that suit different needs. The best part is that this field is continually developing, so new job titles and new tasks will keep coming up.

Start at BUiD, get your award from the UK

BUiD’s students registered in the BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence or Software Engineering) will have the option to study the last two years of their degree BSc (Honours) in Computer Science at University of Glasgow.

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