Programme Structure

Module Code

Module Title Credits
Core: Complete all of the following modules
INF501 Informatics Research Methods 20
INF502 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 20
INF503 Introduction to Computational Linguistics 20
INF504 Data Mining and Exploration 20
Electives SET 1:  (Student will be required to take at least one of these three modules)
INF505 Knowledge Engineering (pre-requisite INF01523, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning) 20
INF506 Knowledge Management 20
INF507 Learning from Data (pre-requisite INF01525, Data Mining and Exploration) 20
NF508 IT Project Management 20
INF509 E-commerce 20
INF510 IT Entrepreneurship 20
INF511 Software Systems Design Practical Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML 20
INF512 Systems Requirements Engineering 20
Electives SET 2:  (Student will be allowed to take one of these three modules)
SDBE514 Intelligent Building Design 20
ENGG502 Modelling Methods and Applications 20
EDU514 Learning and Educational Technology 20
Independent Research
RES506 Dissertation 60
Total Credits 180

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