Module Descriptors

People and organisations

The module will enable students to trace and discuss a wide range of theories in the study of organisations and human relations relevant to the management of projects. They will be able to critically review a range of theoretical perspectives and apply a range of theoretical perspectives to appropriate and evaluate possible interventions in tackling everyday people and/or organisational problems in project environments.

Management of projects

The module provides a foundational perspective on the challenges of managing projects by placing them in their organisational context and introducing students to the range of management issues that are incorporated in the ‘management of projects’ paradigm.

Planning, execution and control

The module aims to develop students’ understanding of the processes of project implementation and further develop students’ knowledge skills in the theory and application of programming, performance measurement, and monitoring and control methods.

Project management research methods

The module develops students’ ability to conduct a research assignment related to project management and to prepare students to carry out the dissertation component of the programme successfully. A particular emphasis is placed on projects/organisations and their applicability to different environments and situations.

Construction project management professional practice

The module provides students with an advanced level of knowledge, skills and experience to appreciate the complex landscape of contemporary civil and construction projects; and develops students’ knowledge, practical understanding and skills of project management professional practice within the construction and built environment industry.

Enterprise risk management

The module equips students with an advanced knowledge of the risk management process, by exploring strategic and tactical issues associated with the implementation of effective risk management practices. Students will develop the appropriate skills to appreciate the key processes and decision stages at corporate and project level.

Infrastructure management

The module aims to introduce students to the challenges that exist in the development and operation of infrastructure projects. The module will develop students’ understanding and knowledge of infrastructure assets development and operation.

Information systems and cyber security

The module offers an in-depth understanding of the emerging cyber security risks. The module is intended to upskill future project and risk managers to manage enterprises’ information systems security and procedures against cybercrime.

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