In a world where new ideas, new processes and new technologies can be communicated and implemented with unprecedented speed, the capacity of a society both to create and introduce beneficial innovation is the key to its economic success and its social and cultural vitality.

Dr. Khalid Almarri Dean of Research
Head of Undergraduate programmes
Dr. Farzana Asad Director of Doctoral Training Centre
Dr. Maria Papadaki Director of BUiD Innovation and Risk Management Centre
Dr. Tendai Charles Director of BUiD Centre for Research in Digital Education

Research has an increasingly vital role to play in supporting this innovative capacity. A society that creates new intellectual capital through its own basic research can be both independent of others and a key player in the modern global environment. In helping promote this creativity in research, BUiD plays a distinctive role in the higher education system of Dubai and the UAE.

Having an indigenous research effort ensures that the significance of new developments in technology or process, no matter what their source, will be recognised at an early stage, and their potential benefits captured for the region.

Three key objectives of BUiD’s research are:

  1. to produce skilled and capable people who can contribute to industry, commerce and public service
  2. to use research to engage the potential intellectual capital of the region
  3. to build and sustain Dubai’s reputation for innovation and the development of talent & human capital.

The achievement of these objectives will ensure:

  1. strong basic research that will be the source of applied research capability,
  2. the development of strong links with regional users and potential users of research,
  3. strong multi-party links with the international  research community, specifically recognizing the tradition, record and continuing aspirations of the British research communities.

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